Water Audits Saginaw, MI

Water auditing is a series of tests that evaluate your irrigation system. The test searches for any defects your system might have. Once testing is complete Marlo will formulate a proper watering schedule for your system, ensuring you are giving your lawn and landscape adequate amounts of water with minimal waste. When you maximize your system’s performance you can improve your landscape, help save one of our most valuable resources and save money. A one-time investment with long term benefits.

What does water auditing entail? The audit considers the head and row spacing, your nozzle sizes and types, current run times, soil conditions and environment, as well as plant types. These are important factors when it comes to your system running at peak performance.

Ensuring Your System is Running at Peak Performance

Once your water audit is complete your Marlo professional will recommend total run times for each zone, cycle and soak applications as well as water-saving tips, system improvements, additions, scheduling, and mulch utilization.

Benefits of a Water Audit

A water audit not only helps you save money it helps you save one of our most valuable resources, water. A properly functioning system also protects and saves your lawn from over or under watering, improves your landscape and property value and gets your lawn healthy so less fertilizer and chemicals are needed to maintain it.

Marlo has been providing water audits to our customers for over 10 years, reducing customer water bills drastically. A consultation for a water audit is free of charge. Our 27 point audit ensures every part of your system is tested. We not only give you recommendations and ROI (return on investment) to show you savings, we have proven track records of reducing lawn sprinkler water usage by more than 40%.

To schedule a water audit, contact us today at (989) 777-5098!