“I just wanted to thank your awesome company for talking care of the broken valve so quickly! You guys rock!! You’ve got a customer for life.”

– Jason S., Saginaw

“Your tech did a great job starting up my system. He was on time and very professional.”

– Bill B., Saginaw

“Your tech did a great job starting up my system. He was on time and very professional.”

– Bill B., Saginaw

“I am very pleased with the work that was done at our home recently. Everyone that I dealt with was very professional. The office staff was very polite and professional…Any Finally, Mark, you were right when you said I would not even know that the system had been installed. I was wondering how much of the yard would be torn up with the installation. I was very impressed that it looked just as it had before the work was done. We will be sure to recommend your company to our family or friends.”

-Mike & Alice S., Thomas Township

“MARLO has everything! What a relief that is for the homeowner. MARLO surely is a “Purely Professional” Company. – Greg F., Saginaw

– Fred T., Tawas

“You did an outstanding job! Great Service.”

– Fred T., Tawas

“Your techs are professional and down to earth.”

– Betty E., Saginaw

“Marlo Company has always been top notch with any of my needs.” 

– Tom C., Caro

“You far exceeded all expectations!”

-George & Sharon K., St. Charles

“Marlo is a local company, with great service. The came recommended to me by my neighbors and landscaper. They are always there to answer questions and take care of any problems you have. I love their customer service. Great people and product.”

-Bernie L., Midland

“Prompt and courteous service. They seem to really care about customers and product. If giving a recommendation I would say, definitely hire this company.

– David & Alison M., Saginaw

“Marlo is the only company we will use for our sprinklers. They are polite, helpful, and take time to explain things to you. You know your business very well. Very helpful and techs are always friendly.”

-Val C., Saginaw

“You have great customer service. You really know your customers, listen and respond professionally. Very conscientious company, excellent service.”

– Laura H., Midland

“I was referred by a neighbor. They are always prompt and efficient. Feels like family is coming to help you.”

-Jim V., Swartz Creek

“I like that you send cards and call to schedule appointments. You take the time to clean around my heads. Great company, great service.

– Jerry B., Swartz Creek